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The relationship between parents and the school is a vital one in ensuring that a student engages with all that the school has to offer whether that be curricular or extra-curricular. Support at home will better allow a student to develop and achieve success in this current environment.  

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Supporting and Congratulating our student - Nyann Joseph

by Marva Daniel -

Good morning Cardinals,

I pray that this morning was a much better one than any before.  I also hope that all who have been sick are getting better.  I encourage all students to keep focused and to never give up...Let us continue to be the BEST.

This week (24th January, 2022 to 28th January, 2022 is a fully ONLINE week.  Some VERY important activities are happening this week

1.  Our Form 4 student - Nyann Joseph needs to be congratulated and supported by all of us as she gets rewarded this morning - Monday 24th January, 2022 for participating in the SLDB ACT-to-ADAPT competition.  As you were informed at last week's assembly, she will be richly rewarded ($5,000) to help her actually execute her project..  We also thank Ms Sherlon Parks, her teacher, for assisting her.  Ms Parks also gets rewarded with $1,000. Please log on to 

 at 10 am to view this ceremony.

Here is a beautiful video she created to explain her project -  


2.  Tomorrow, Tuesday 25th is the grand run-off or tie-breaker for our Term 1 spelling quiz.  Scott Alcee and Aedrea Zephurin are tied to win the Grand Prize of an electronic device and $200.  So, please keep posted for this grand finale.

3.  We continue our weekly RK Session on Wednesday 26th January, 2022.  Last week, our Prefects were very instrumental in saying thanks to our teachers and ushered in the new Term's RK session. We hope that you go to visit the school's youtube channel to view, like and share.

Continue to connect with your homeroom teachers each morning for homeroom attendance....

Keep connected - we use the school's ONLINE schedule - see the MOODLE platform for this timetable.

Keep engaged -  some teachers have special links for synchronous classes.  If you are unsure, ask your teachers or homeroom teacher.  All classes are being taught.

Keep aiming for better and better.


Your School Principal

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