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The relationship between parents and the school is a vital one in ensuring that a student engages with all that the school has to offer whether that be curricular or extra-curricular. Support at home will better allow a student to develop and achieve success in this current environment.  

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Subject Selection information

by Marva Daniel -

Good day Form 2 students

Kindly check your school's email for guidance.

If you have any questions, please check with the Vice principals or the other members of the Subject Selection Committee -  Ms Lamontagne, Mr St. Marthe, Mrs Charles (Business), Ms Satney, Mr Narcisse, The Counsellor, Mr St. Luce.  Your homeroom teachers can help guide you too.  They can always direct your concerns to the Committee members.

Keep to your deadlines and let us see you able to receive your timetables in a timely manner.

Best wishes

Ms MDaniel


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