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CCSS aims to provide high-quality online learning and teaching at all levels. Positive, friendly, and productive relationships are fostered between staff and students, and opportunities for students to develop intellectually, morally, emotionally, spiritually, imaginatively, and creatively are actively encouraged. Our goal is to support and value every single student and seek to draw from them the best of which they are capable.

The relationship between parents and the school is a vital one in ensuring that a student engages with all that the school has to offer whether that be curricular or extra-curricular. Support at home will better allow a student to develop and achieve success in this current environment.  

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Our newly elected CCSS' Students' Council

by Marva Daniel -

Good day Cardinals

We have created history - we executed the 1st ever FULLY virtual General Election for our school's Students' Council.

Elected are our new executive members - The 2021 CCSS' Students' Council Executive members!

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