End of Week Message and Announcement of Winner for Quizzes #7 and 8

End of Week Message and Announcement of Winner for Quizzes #7 and 8

by Marva Daniel -
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Good day Cardinals

We have come to the end of another school week and the first week of onsite instructions for all of our students.

I trust that you have adjusted and find it much easier to cope and to keep on track.

Congratulations to all of our students who earned Merit Badges and have received or will receive these badges on Monday.  

Special thanks to all the CARDINAL men who have contributed to our weekly RK Session.  We continue to feature our men again next week and throughout the month of November.

Next week promises to be very exciting:
a) Prefect installment
b) Clubs/Groups Assembly or Showcase
c) International Men's day (19th)

Now for even  more exciting news:

Good morning Cardinals

It gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of Spelling Quiz #7 and the Winner of Spelling Quiz #8 Our Spelling Quiz is emailed EVERY Tuesday morning via your school's email. Responses are expected to be emailed to within 5 minutes of receipt of spelling audio

The Winners are

Quiz #6 - nobody won 

Quiz #7 -  Aedrea Zephurin


Please connect next week Quiz #9 and make yourself a winner!

Monday is Day 6 and Tuesday is Day 4...please check your roster...CCSS' School Roster for November and December 2021

God bless you dear cardinals!


Your Principal